3 ranges available

Our metal products can be categorized in 3 ranges to fill our customers’ needs :

4 metal colors

Whatever you need, we offer you the possibility to choose between 4 different metal colors.

Unlimited processes combinaisons

The manufacturing processes shown on our cards are panels of effects and printing technics that we totally mastering, continuelly developing and witch are appliable to every type of production on stainless steel support.

Business Cards

Our business cards are unparalleled in terms of originality thanks to the knowledge that we offer to every of our customers. This knowledge in the result of many years of research and expertise with a limitless creativity.

First of all, a business card must reflect it’s owner’s personality. That is why we make a great effort to study your project and work on customised designs in order to fully benefit all the proccesses and printing technics that we offer you in our stainless steel cards range.


Starts at $400 / 50 pieces

Member Cards

Our member cards range can be applied to every needs, from the VIP member card to the gift card and authenticity certificate. If required, we are able to add a smart chip or a magnetic strip.


Starts at $430 / 50 pieces

Invitation Cards

Our invitation cards range is the quintessence of our “savoir-faire”. This format, more generous by its size (200 x 90 mm), benefits all the printing technics, processes and effects witch are available for the standard card size (85 x 54 mm). This is the perfect choice to communicate on your most prestigious events.


Starts at $990 / 50 pieces